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Jasmine Conduah
Jasmine Conduah
Height: 5-9
Year: Fr.
Hometown: Fairfield
High School: Fairfield Warde '17
Event: Hurdles/Jumps

High School: Three-year member of track & field program... competed in the hurdles and high jump... conference divisional high jump champion... 

PERSONAL: born Jasmine Conduah July 29, 1999...  Parents: Tricia and Grant...  Siblings: Zach, Josh... Major: Elementary Education... Career plans: Teach...  Residence: Fairfield, CT...


Who is the biggest influence in your life? My Mother

If you could meet anyone living or dead who would it be? Obama

What was your favorite vacation or day trip you ever took? Ghana

What is your favorite number? 2

What’s your favorite song or artist of all time? Beyonce

Assign a letter grade to President Trump. F

If Christmas had a taste what would it be? Sweet and Sour

If you could be great at another sport what would it be? Soccer

What made you start playing sports? The apparel

What is your favorite meal from the student center? Mozzarella sticks with honey mustard

What’s your favorite part athletics at eastern? The teams are a family

What’s your favorite word? Bruh

If you could switch places with any celebrity who would it be? Rihanna

If you could live in any other state or any other country where would it be? New York

In 15 years where do you see yourself? Working as a teacher

Which do you think came first the chicken or the egg? Why? The chicken evolved and then started laying eggs

What would you like to be remembered for after your time has passed? Making people laugh/happy

What type of Doritos do you like? Nacho Cheese

What is your biggest fear? Drowning

What has been your hardest class? Sciences that do not include math

Date Meet Mark Finish
December   9 RIC 11.77 Prelims
January     20 Plymouth State 12.98 Prelims
January     27 Springfield 12.35 Prelims
February     3 Wesleyan 11.29# Prelims
January    27 Springfield  31.85# 33rd (35)
December  9 RIC 4-10 1/4 13th (23)
January    20 Plymouth State 4-9 3/4 5th (10)
January    27 Springfield 5-0 1/2# 7th (19)
February   3 Wesleyan 4-10 1/2 12th (27)
February 10 LEC 4-10 1/2 6th (12)
  NE Alliance   10th (20)
February  17 DIII NE -- --
#-Personal best      
March       30 Warrior Invite 19.33 13th (18)
April         14 Mt. Holyoke 18.88 13th (16)
April         20 ECSU 17.73# 3rd (7)
April         28 NE Alliance/LEC 18.35 Prelims
March      30 Warrior Invite 1:22.01# 11th (12)
April          7  Coast Guard 31.59# 35th (39)
March      30 Warriors Invite 4-10 1/2 2nd (12)
April          7 Coast Guard 4-10 1/2 t-3rd/10
April        14 Mt. Holyoke 4-11 2nd (12)
April        20 ECSU 5-2 1/2# 1st (5)
April        28 NE Alliance 5-2 1/2# t-4th (19)
   LEC   3rd (12)
May           5 NE DIII 5-0 1/2 t-12th (37)
#-Personal best