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Haley Knox
Haley Knox
Height: 5-6
Year: Jr.
Hometown: Bristol
High School: Bristol Central '15
Events: Distance
Event: Mid Distance

High School: Participated in five sports: indoor and outdoor track & field, cross country, softball and basketball... four-year member of cross country program who ran indoor track for three seasons and outdoor for two... in cross country, two-time all-conference and senior captain... all-conference with the 4x800 relay in outdoor track... all-area in cross country and outdoor track as a senior...  member of three conference title teams in cross country and three in indoor and outdoor track... National Honor Society and All-Academic every season... 

PERSONAL: born Haley P. Knox May 9, 1997… Parents: Jana and Ken… Siblings: Kenny, Eric, Preston, Ciara... Major: Mathematics… Residence: Bristol, CT...




2015/16: Outdoor T&F All-LEC Selection (2nd in 4x800m relay at Little East meet)

2016/17: Indoor T&F 3x All-LEC Selection (4th in 1000m, 3rd in 4x800m relay at NE Alliance meet, 2nd in 4x800m relay at Little East meet), LEC Academic Honor Roll  Outdoor T&F 3x All-LEC Selection (6th in 800m, 3rd in 4x800m relay at NE Alliance meet, 2nd in 4x800m relay at Little East meet), LEC Academic Honor Roll


Who is the biggest influence in your life? My family

If you could meet anyone living or dead who would it be? Hannah Montana 

What is your favorite number? 7

What is the biggest sports team rivalry in any professional sport in your opinion? Red Sox vs. Yankees

What’s your favorite song or artist of all time? Hannah Montana

What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you? My neighbor popped my kickball right in front of me because my brother had kicked it into his yard

What’s the best thing that ever happened to you? My brother Preston

If Christmas had a taste what would it be? Peppermint chocolate 

If you could be great at another sport what would it be? Gymnastics 

What made you start playing sports? Watching my brothers play T-Ball

What’s your favorite part athletics at eastern? My team

What’s your favorite word? No

If you could change one thing about world political structure what would it be? Everyone gets along

If you can consider yourself any type of leader, what would be the word/words to describe your leadership style? Lead by example

In 15 years where do you see yourself? Working for the NSA

Which do you think came first the chicken or the egg? Why? Chicken

What would you like to be remembered for after your time has passed? Being kind and selfless

What is your biggest fear? Spiders

What has been your hardest class? Programming 2

What’s one of the things on your bucket list? Run a marathon

Date Meet Time Finish
December 9 RIC 2:32.62 3rd (13)
January   20 Plymouth State 2:31.69 1st (16)
January  14 Coast Guard 2:36.59 2nd (8)
January  21 Plymouth State 2:31.45#      1st (11)
January  16     Coast Guard       2:45.28     5th (10)    
January  27 Springfield 3:13.09 1st (20)
February  3 Wesleyan 3:13.39 2nd (37)
February 10 LEC 3:10.13 2nd (10)
  NE Alliance   2nd (23)
February 17 DIII NE 3:09.19#^ 18th (21)
January   28 Springfield 3:16.77 3rd (21)
February   4 URI 3:13.16 19th (27)
February 11 NE Alliance 3:09.91 4th (20)
  LEC   4th (16)
February  18 DIII NE 3:17.94 20th (20)
January    23 Smith 3:38.01 15th (20)    
January    30 Springfield 3:29.22 10th (13)
February    6 Boston U. 3:23.79 
22nd (24)
January    23 Smith 6:13.02# 28th (34)
#-Personal best  ^-Program record        
April        13 Conn 2:25.77 19th (29)
April         2  UMass Dart 2:25.47 2nd (35)
April         8 AIC 2:31.74  21st (58)
April        15 Mt. Holyoke 2:25.28 1st (14)
April        21 ECSU 2:23.08# 1st (15)
April        29 LEC 2:23.28  5th (10)
  NE Alliance   6th (24)
April         2  Coast Guard 2:35.33 21st (46)
April         9 Smith 2:42.66  22nd (56)
April        16 Conn 2:35.66 41st (62)
April        22 ECSU 2:43.83 7th (9)
April         7 Coast Guard 5:03.61 5th (35)
April        20 ECSU 5:03.52# 1st (9)
April        28 NE Alliance 5:04.96 8th (24)
  LEC   4th (16)
March      25 Wesleyan 5:15.06 10th (33)
April         8 AIC 5:04.95 9th (65)
March       26 Wesleyan 5:35.10 20th (43)
April           9 Smith 5:28.26 22nd (61)
April          22  ECSU  5:26.55  5th (14) 
April          30 NE Alliance 5:25.42 22nd (28)
  LEC   12th (15)
March    30 Warrior Invite 12:44.58 2nd (4)
April      14 Mt. Holyoke 12:17.28 2nd (7)
April      28 NE Alliance 11:58.25 3rd (11)
  LEC   2nd (5)
May        5 NE DIII 11:46.63#^ 8th (17)
#-Personal best  ^-Program record